WaveMail - Forward Email To Another Account

Forwarding WaveMail to another email account:

This forward must be put into place on the web interface.

Please note: Effective December 2, Tulane Technology Services will not allow HIPAA identified users to configure autoforwarding from the Tulane email system to any outside email system.

  1. Log in to your WaveMail account:
    1. faculty, staff, and student accounts:
    2. departmental accounts:
    3. alumni accounts:
  2. Click the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Enter the keyword forward to search
  4. Select Forwarding
  5. In the blank Forward my email to: type in the address you would like to use.
  6. If you choose, check the box 'Keep a copy of forwarded...' (meaning to keep a copy of all mail in your Tulane inbox).
  7. Click Start Forwarding.
  8. Return to your inbox by clicking Outlook in the top right corner.

NOTE: if your screen does not show the Options listed in these directions, you might be using the "light" version:

  1. Once you click Options and notice that your screen does not have the same color scheme or menu settings, go to Outlook version
  2. Uncheck the box: Use the blind and low vision experience
  3. Click Save which is above the check box in the blue stripe at the top
  4. Sign out of WaveMail and restart your browser
  5. Start again at the beginning of these directions to set up forwarding
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