Phishing Email Handling

Thank you very much for contacting us. 

This is a phishing attempt. It is not legitimate. Any email supposedly from us that says "Click here" or any other words that are link text is fake and should be deleted.

In future, if you know an email is phishing, please forward it to instead of
Attackers steal our logo images and send from within compromised email addresses, so they look legitimate. They often say your mailbox is full (over a 400 or 500 MB limit) but your mailbox limit is actually 50GB. It's very difficult to fill that up, and we never send notices about storage limits. We also never send any notices telling you that you need to upgrade or verify, that someone logged in from an unknown IP address, or that we are withholding messages. All those emails are phishing - attackers trying to get your username and password. They often have links to click. If you don't see the entire web address in the text, you can hover over the link to see it. All legitimate Tulane web addresses END in The phishing links often have Tulane in the web address but it is not at the end where it needs to be. If you are doubtful about any message you receive, please feel to free to contact us.

Please be sure to delete this message from your inbox and do not click any of the links contained in it. Technology Services is aware of the phishing attempt and is actively working to resolve this attempt.

NOTE: Never respond to any emails that do not look right or cast any doubt as to their validity from Tulane. Keep up with the latest Tulane security alerts @

If you require assistance, please give us a call at the TSNOC, and we can assist you over the phone or via remote support.
We can be reached at

Uptown: (504) 862-8888 or ext. 8888

Downtown: (504) 988-8888 or ext. 8-8888

Toll Free: (866) 276-1428

Our hours are Monday through Friday 7am - 7pm

Thank you, 

Tulane TSNOC


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