Getting started with Zoom on my Android device

Zoom Cloud Meetings works on Android. You can download Zoom for Android by searching for "Zoom Meetings" in Google Play.  It will direct you to

User Guide

Getting Started with Android

Open the Zoom app. Here, you can choose to Sign In or Join a Meeting.


Meet & Chat

Once you are signed in, you will be able to host, schedule, and join meetings. You can also chat with your contacts via Group Messaging.

Schedule or Host a Meeting

  • Start a Meeting - start an instant Zoom meeting using your PMI or a new meeting ID

  • Upcoming Meetings - view, edit, start, and delete your scheduled Zoom meetings


  • Schedule a Meeting - schedule a one-time or recurring Zoom meeting



The Contacts page will show you a list of all of your Zoom contacts and add new contacts. Clicking on a contact will allow you to Message the user. 





User Settings

Change your Profile picture, Name, and Phone Contacts Matching Settings (see below).

Meeting Settings

  • Auto Connect Device Audio - automatically connect audio using internet when joining meetings. If OFF, you will be prompted to join when connecting to a meeting
  • Always Mute My Microphone - always mute microphone when joining meetings
  • Always Mute My Video - always mute video when joining meetings

Group Message Settings

  • Message Notifications - turn on or off notifications for Group Messages and calls
  • Alert Sound - turn on or off sounds for notifications
  • Vibrate - turn on or off vibration for notifications
  • Show Offline Buddies - toggle viewing offline contacts in your contacts list

Turn on Phone Contacts Matching

You can match your contacts on your phone to your Zoom contacts. To do this, click on Settings in the bottom right corner > click on your name > Phone Contacts Matching > enter your phone number.

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